“Ron Paul: Golden Rule Perspective on Foreign Policy”

I am guessing that people who object will postulate that those people are different. Those who take up arms against foreign forces. Some will say look at 9/11 you can’t be naive but those very same people forget about the support of the Shah. They will say we want peace it is those people that want war and forget about the banks stealing their wealth. I know it is hard to accept but maybe our worldview isn’t correct.Preventive War
Maybe America was supposed to be a Republic and not a democracy. Maybe the objective was the sovereignty of people, not corporations. To big to fail…that’s our foreign policy.

poorrichard’s blog: The Three Biggest Lies the Government Is Telling You


Charles Goyette via lewrockwell.com

Government lies are legion.

So many are its lies, that narrowing them down to three of the most important is a demanding task. But our current crisis has been chiefly enabled by monetary policy, fiscal policy, and the global military empire. So I have chosen to focus on lies about each: the Federal Reserve, the orchestrator of monetary policy; the U.S. budget, the accounting of government fiscal policy; and a few of the Empire’s war lies. I am sharing just a smattering of this astonishing record of duplicity in these areas….”


Contrary to Widespread Claims, There Is NO EVIDENCE that Iran Is Building a Nuclear Weapon

People, please take a minute to read. Remember Iraq? Remember Libya? are you going to be subservient again?

Why You’ve Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920 | Thomas E. Woods, Jr. – YouTube

“US judges tragic kickback greed exposes prison system profiteering”

We really need to examine our prison culture.   

“GOP ‘Living in Dark Ages’ on Cuba”

Revolutionary Politics::Revolutionary Politics : Noam Chomsky Response to Ron Paul at CNN/Tea Party Debate

The Coming US Fascism

All to often I hear people complain about the republicans. Or the democrats…. Wake up! Get over yourself and look at what its actually happening! http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig2/fascism.html

Architects and Engineers speak out about 9/11… I double dare you.

People say they disagree with Ron Paul’s foreign policy because of the threat of terrorists. This is all based upon the 9/11 tragedy. That day of infamy rallied the people to embark on a decade of war. What if the story we have been told is wrong? I dare anyone who throws around the term “conspiracy theorist” to watch this video. If you don’t and still parrot the official story, you are part of the problem.

“The first casualty of war is truth.” Aeschylus

“Ron Paul – Chuck Norris – Clint Eastwood – Jesse Ventura – John Wayne – Joe Rogan – all agree” on YouTube

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