“2012 Election RIGGED – This is going Viral”

“Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America”

“Ron Paul: Golden Rule Perspective on Foreign Policy”

I am guessing that people who object will postulate that those people are different. Those who take up arms against foreign forces. Some will say look at 9/11 you can’t be naive but those very same people forget about the support of the Shah. They will say we want peace it is those people that want war and forget about the banks stealing their wealth. I know it is hard to accept but maybe our worldview isn’t correct.Preventive War
Maybe America was supposed to be a Republic and not a democracy. Maybe the objective was the sovereignty of people, not corporations. To big to fail…that’s our foreign policy.

The trouble with my uncle, Rick Santorum | The Daily Caller

It takes a lot of huzpah to go against “the family” wonder why he did it?

Does the United States support democracy?

Egypt is the prime example of what democracy would bring in the middle east. The U.S.  can not afford to support a “real” democracy….

Michael Scheuer Endorses Ron Paul for President

This is perhaps one of the most insightful endorsements I have read. Its not isolationism it is non interventionism! Two different ideas. http://www.ronpaul.com/2011-12-30/iowas-choice-dr-paul-or-u-s-bankruptcy-more-wars-and-many-more-dead-soldiers-and-marines/

From Israel: Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go!


The charge that Ron Paul is anti semetic is baseless. This letter comes from Israel, worth a read. The only thing I would add-there are three types of people. Those who love freedom, those who love power, and those that don’t care.

Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies – Salon.com

Watch “Chuck Norris says if Ron Paul says a Politician is dishonest he will choke them unconscious” on YouTube

Virginia GOP Will Require Voters To Sign ‘Loyalty Oath’ – ABC News

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