A turn in focus

I’m a political junky. I enjoy bloviating as much as the next person. A few years ago-as evidenced by previous posts-I was ready to scream it. Scream my beliefs out, put them in your face, let’s argue. the debate sharpened my thinking. Continuous to. To be pruned is never pleasant but the practice yields positive results, ergo I continue.
Now, despite my joy for the philosophy of politics, I think this blog shall take a slight turn in concentration.
I do not know very much of anything. I do, however, think things to be a certain way. I would like to create a public space where these supposing can be aired and weighed. I would like to invite you to discourse and debate these thoughts and share yours so we may seek the truth.
Often I want to Facebook my ramblings but they generally become overbearing, I think. There is nothing but blank space here. You’re welcome to help me fill it.

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